About Us

At Global Mantra, we are a family-based online store who seeks to provide the best possible new age, crystal and aromatherapy tools to our loyal customers.

A mantra is a sacred statement, sound or word often repeated during meditation. Often people attribute psychological or spiritual powers to mantras, which is why we chose the name Global Mantra. We want to help people around the world find their spirituality and inner power.
After running successful bricks and mortar stores for many years, we realised we could connect with more clients and provide an even better service if we took our business digital. Now, running a solely digital store allows us to provide a convenient service for our customers and keep our prices as low as possible.

Over the years we have built strong, long-lasting relationships with suppliers both locally and around the globe to bring the best possible products to our website. We have also cultivated strong relationships with delivery companies to ensure our products arrive with you as quickly and safely as possible.

No matter what product you desire, we can provide it.

At Global Mantra, we are an Australian-owned business that is proud to stock incense, crystals and fragrant oils, to name but a few of our products. We always aim to cater to the spiritual needs of our clientele, connecting them with products that will make a real impact on their lives. Although we stock a large variety of products, we have complete confidence in each one and only supply products that meet our high-quality standards.

If you are unsure what products you need to assist you on your spiritual journey, simply contact us today and a member of our team would be happy to discuss our product range with you in detail. No two people are the same, we understand this which is why we stock such a variety of products and ensure everyone can find what they are looking for on our site.

Ready to shop high-quality new age, crystal and aromatherapy products?

With everything from metaphysical crystals to white sage smudging products and church supplies, we are sure to have the products you need. If you can’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our enthusiastic team members will discuss your requirements with you in more detail.

We hope we can help you on your spiritual journey!