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Folkessence Incense Gift Pack - Moonshine 120 Sticks

Folkessence Incense Gift Pack - Moonshine 120 Sticks


Product Description

The Folkessence Incense Gift Pack - Moonshine offers a delightful assortment of 120 incense sticks in a unique arrangement. Perfect for creating a calming and aromatic environment, this collection features six distinct fragrances:

  • Moonlit Oasis - Sea Breeze
  • Cosmic Clarity - White Sage & Lavender
  • Cupid's Elixir - Mandarin & Rosemary
  • Dream Weaver - Palo Santo & Sandalwood
  • Divine Symphony - Patchouli & Tobacco
  • Mystic Miracles - Amber & Smoke


  • Includes 120 incense sticks in 6 unique fragrances
  • Each incense stick burns with a pleasant aroma, providing a long-lasting fragrance
  • Beautifully designed packaging perfect for gifting


  • Perfect for relaxation and creating a calm atmosphere
  • Versatile use across homes, meditation spaces, and offices

Directions for Use

Light the tip of the incense stick and gently extinguish the flame, allowing the stick to smolder and release fragrant smoke. Place the stick in an incense holder to catch the ash.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to retain the quality of the incense sticks.

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