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Magic Spell Candles - AURA

Magic Spell Candles - AURA

Soul Sticks


This set of Magic Spell Candles is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their spell casting, rituals, and meditative practices. Each set comes with a variety of colored candles, each intended to amplify different energies and intentions.


  • Includes 20 spell candles in multiple colors
  • Each candle is crafted to support specific spells and rituals
  • Colors include red, green, blue, purple, white, black, pink, and more
  • Ideal for meditation, spiritual connectivity, and energy work
  • High-quality wax for a clean, even burn
  • Compact and convenient packaging


  • Enhances meditation and spiritual practices
  • Supports energy work and intention setting
  • Creates a sacred and intentional space for rituals
  • Assists in the manifestation of desires through spell work
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