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Magic Spell Candles - Pure (20 Pieces)

Magic Spell Candles - Pure (20 Pieces)

Soul Sticks

Experience the magic of soul sticks with our Magic Spell Candles. These yellow candles are crafted to bring light and purity into your space. Ideal for rituals, meditation, and creating an enchanting ambiance.

Product Features:

  • Vibrant Yellow Color: Symbolizes purity, light, and happiness.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for spells, rituals, meditation, and decoration.
  • High-Quality Wax: Burns evenly and cleanly.
  • Set of 20: Plenty to use for multiple occasions.
  • Compact Size: Each candle is easy to handle and place wherever you need them.


  • Easily elevate the ambiance of any room.
  • Enhance your spiritual and mental well-being.
  • Create a serene and focused environment for rituals.


  • Quantity: 20 Pieces
  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Soul Sticks
  • Size: Compact for convenient use
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