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Soul Sticks Chakra Candle

Soul Sticks Chakra Candle

Soul Sticks

Experience a sense of calm and tranquility with the Soul Sticks Chakra Candle. This handcrafted candle is designed to align your chakras and enhance your spiritual well-being.

  • Natural Ingredients: Made with pure soy wax and essential oils.
  • Chakra Design: Decorated with beautiful chakra symbols to aid in meditation.
  • Handcrafted: Each candle is meticulously crafted by artisans.
  • Long-Lasting: Burns evenly and lasts for hours, providing consistent aroma and relaxation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials used.

Light this candle to enhance your meditation practices, create a relaxing atmosphere, or simply enjoy the calming scent. Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift.

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