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Healing, Concentration & Spirituality Jar

Healing, Concentration & Spirituality Jar

Soul Sticks

The Healing, Concentration & Spirituality Jar is designed to enhance your spiritual practices and focus. This elegantly crafted jar features:

  • A detailed Tarot card image of 'The Magician' to inspire inner strength and concentration.
  • A cork lid to preserve the contents and maintain their potency.
  • An attached pentacle charm that symbolizes protection, balance, and energy.
  • Convenient size suitable for carrying with you or placing in your sacred space.

Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice, rituals, or simply keep a reminder of their spiritual journey nearby.

Key Features

  • Beautifully detailed Tarot card image
  • Secure cork lid
  • Attached pentacle charm
  • Compact and portable
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