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Magic Mini Candles unscented - Green

Magic Mini Candles unscented - Green


Introducing the Magic Mini Candles - Green, perfect for enhancing your home decor or for special occasions and events. These unscented candles come in a box of 20 and are ideal for creating a soothing and enchanting atmosphere.

  • Color: Green
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Quantity: Box of 20
  • Size: 5" Height x 0.5" Diameter
  • Brand: Harmonia™
  • Usage: Great for home decor, meditation, rituals, and celebrations
  • Features: Long-lasting burn time, high-quality wax, and lead-free wicks

These mini candles from Harmonia™ are designed to bring a touch of magic to your environment. The vibrant green color symbolizes growth, harmony, and renewal, making them a fantastic choice for various uses including spells and rituals.

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