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Magic Mini Candles unscented - Orange

Magic Mini Candles unscented - Orange


Magic Mini Candles - Orange

Enhance your spiritual rituals and home ambience with our Magic Mini Candles. These unscented candles are perfect for a variety of uses, from meditative practices to decorating your space. Each box contains 20 high-quality mini candles designed to burn cleanly and evenly.

  • Unscented: Ideal for those who prefer a fragrance-free atmosphere.
  • Color: Vibrant Orange, symbolizing energy, creativity, and enthusiasm.
  • Quantity: Box of 20 mini candles.
  • Size: 5 inches (height) x 1/2 inches (diameter).
  • Burn Time: Long-lasting performance for extended use.
  • Material: High-quality wax for a smooth, even burn.
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