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Magic Spell Candles - Confidence (20 pcs)

Magic Spell Candles - Confidence (20 pcs)

Soul Sticks

Elevate your spiritual rituals and practices with our Magic Spell Candles designed specifically to boost confidence. These candles, brought to you by Soul Sticks, are perfect for various spiritual and ritualistic applications. Light one and feel the positive energy flow.


  • Premium quality wax for a clean, steady burn
  • Specifically designed for confidence-enhancing rituals
  • Comes in a set of 20 pieces
  • Rich, deep purple color for visual appeal and symbolic association with self-assuredness


  • Enhances your confidence and self-belief during rituals
  • Perfect size for spell work and ceremonies
  • Convenient pack ensures you have multiple candles for extended use

Additional Information

  • Made with intention and care by Soul Sticks
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