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Sacred Elements - Cleansing Kit

Sacred Elements - Cleansing Kit

Sacred Elements

Product Description

Introducing the SACRED ELEMENTS Cleansing Kit, a comprehensive set designed to cleanse your environment and foster positive energy. Perfect for creating a serene space, this kit combines ancient traditions with modern convenience.


  • Rainforest Resin: Connects with nature and enhances overall wellbeing
  • White Sage Leaves Herb: Known for purifying and balancing energy.
  • Sandal Incense Cones: Infuse your space with the calming and grounding scent of sandalwood.
  • Charcoal Tablets: High-quality charcoal for burning incense and herbs.
  • Palo Santo Room Spray: Convenient spray for instant purification and refreshment.
  • Clay Incense Burner: Sturdy and decorative burner for your incense needs.


  • Fosters a positive and serene environment in your space.
  • Contains a curated selection of cleansing items to refresh and purify your atmosphere.

Usage Instructions

  • Follow individual product instructions included in the kit for optimal use.
  • Typically, light the resin or herbs in the clay burner
  • Use the room spray as needed for quick refreshment.


Ensure all items are kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality and efficacy.

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